In view of attendant circumstances and thinking about our future development we - a group of specialists, working in the area of Internet-solutions, and graphic design - have decided to establish our own company. Before we became "L2K" we had provided our Clients and Partners with consultations on initiation, development and support of Internet recourses, what was quite sufficient in then Internet formation in Russia. The growing demands to Internet-solutions, increased scope of activities have determined our decision. By that time approximately the same situation has developed in the field of design and polygraphy. Moreover, close interaction of these areas, complementing each other also triggered our move.

     We clearly understand that we are not discovering anything new or are unique, but nevertheless we have arrived at this decision.

     We represent neither web-studio, design- bureau or advertising group, nor printing polygraphic centre, software laboratory or computer company. But on daily basis we are dealing with all these aspects in order to implementation our ideas successfully.

     Since the idea is the focal point of our activities.

     We develop ideas, create mechanisms for their realization, and finally implement them. We are ready to fulfill any job, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated one, provided that our Client should benefit from it and we get satisfaction of the work done. Everything depends on the idea itself, our Client’s request and their potential. We do not boost our prices, and we do not work for nothing, as we respect both the Client and ourselves. As it is accustomed (usual, normal, natural) among the professionals. We always can come to an agreement, and find juste milieu.

     We sincerely hope that we can be helpful to you, and are looking forward to hearing from you.

     Our name is "L2K".


     Our company is an Internet/Intranet solution provider for the web & software application development.
     We are a team of professionals. We offer the high quality service and the most reliable maintenance.

     Our services include:
  • creation of management, service, adaptation and proprietary software products
  • consulting services
  • installation and maintenance of software
  • document processing
  • databases
  • analytical research
  • hosting
  • e-Business (back-office)
  • development, content build-up, maintenance and support of web sites
  • graphic, print and web design
  • development of corporate logos, styles, brochures, posters, external and network advertisements.
  • printing services


Operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Database products: MS SQL, Oracle, Interbase, SyBase
Web client languages: HTML, Java-script, Java applets.
Web server languages: ASP, Perl, PHP, CFML, Servlets, ActiveX, Java, C++
(ISAPI Extensions and Filters)
Internet security: SSL
Web, Graphic, Print design: Flash, Corel, Adobe
Applications programming: Java, C/C++, Delphi


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